Bethany Christian Services – Bringing and Keeping Families Together

TEACH CHICAGO is sustained and strengthened by Bethany Christian Services of Illinois, a nonprofit organization that envisions a world where every child has a loving family. For more than 75 years, they have been providing a variety of social services, including adoption, pregnancy counseling, and foster care. TEACH CHICAGO caters to radio listeners in the Chicago Metropolitan area.


Bethany finds loving families from the community and around the world for children of all ages. They can help you learn about the different types of adoption, and find out which is right for you or someone you know. 


Are you or is your family going through a difficult time? Bethany can help you work toward healing, growth, and well-being. Their counseling services are performed by highly trained and certified Christian counselors.

Safe Families for Children

Bethany helps families at their time of crisis through a national movement of compassion, Safe Families for Children. This network of volunteer host families provides temporary care to children while their parents are facing unmanageable or critical circumstances.

Pregnancy Counseling

Bethany assists women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy in understanding their options clearly and making responsible decisions.